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TREAL Team Drivers


Peter Lundberg- US Team Manager
Farmingdale, NY


My Rc journey started in 1996 with a modified clod buster and grasshopper. I spent about two years building and modifying these rigs which I really enjoyed. When I went off to college, I sold my rigs and lost touch with the hobby. Fast forward twenty years and married with kids, I came across an issue of rc car action magazine. I was so impressed with how far the hobby has come since back in the day. I read the magazine twice and was hooked. In 2017, I came across crawling competitions on the internet and decided I wanted to get out of the speed game and try the crawling scene as I have always been into hiking trails and mountain biking. I post on Instagram 2-3 times a week and promote my sponsor’s products. Follow my page on Instagram today @Rc_Teamzone. I currently have four crawlers, outcast 6s, TLR car, Axial Bomber, and Axial Capra.  My builds have been featured in Rc Car Action magazine and I am passionate about all of my builds and the companies that I support.
See you out on the trails!


Edgar Avila- Content Manager
Sunnyvale, Ca

My name is Edgar Avila and i reside in the Bay Area  (northern California) i got into Rc during the epidemic with my son Jovany , we started off with some cheap Amazon 1/16 rigs and slowly got into the larger brand name  Basher style rigs until we discovered  crawling and we both fell in love with the community and the building aspect of the hobby ! We both accomplished a lot the last three years with my son competing in local comps and being involved in events, i myself have made a ton of friends both near and far that’s lead me to where i am now ! A huge passion of mine is seeing the new guys grow and becoming awesome drivers / builders something about seeing a huge smile on someone’s face when wheeling just makes my day.


Philip Basey- Team Driver
Keizer, OR

I officially got started in the hobby around 2003-2004 and it was all down hill from there haha!
Started with offroad racing then to crawling/u4 racing/ scale trailing and drag racing.
If there is an opportunity to drive, better believe ill be there!
I am the co-owner/co-founder of 1 of Oregon's largest Rc clubs, we like to organize group crawls, rc races, charity events and so on.
I enjoy all aspects of the hobby and seeing it grow!



Byron Clinton- Team Driver
Rohnert Park, CA

My start into this awesome hobby began with a trip to our local off road track 6 years ago. While I was there checking things out I ended up driving all of my buddies race vehicles and was immediately hooked. I then went to my local hobby shop the next week to buy my first race vehicle the SCT. About a year after that I bought my first crawler the SCX 10i and started attending crawling events such as the ASD Crawl in 2016 and finally the Crawl for a Cure event in 2019 that raises money for Autism and Cancer awareness. I finally attended my first Axialfest in 2018 which was off the hook and after this event I knew right then and there that crawling was my passion because I was absolutely hooked on the crawling aspect of this hobby. What I love about this hobby is getting out and going crawling with a group of guys to have a good time and relax. I have not only truly enjoyed this hobby for the crawling aspect, but also for the fact that over the last 5 years of crawling I have met some new and great people to form new relationships with.





Chris Duckworth AKA Ducky- Team Driver
Hemet, CA

I love to find new spots to crawl, meet new people and share good times.
In my free time I enjoy Mountain biking above all, Hiking, Camping and being outdoors.



David Dyson- Team Driver
Indio, CA

I got into the RC hobby in 2020 during Covid, started off with a Traxxas Slash 4x4 VXL Fox Body. After several upgrades, I decided I wanted to try out a RC Crawler, so I bought a Losi NightCrawler SE and I was just amazed as to how much more interesting and technical the aspect of RC crawling was. Since then I have stuck to RC Crawling and owned multiple crawlers from a SCX10ii builders kit, SCX10iii Jeep JLU, SCX10iii BaseCamp, ElementRC Trailwalker, ElementRC Gatekeeper, ElementRC Knightrunner, IERC Merge V2 Carbon Fiber Build to a IERC Merge X Evo Silver Carbon Fiber Portal Axle Build. I’ve been to Proline By The Fire 2022 & 2023, I also go to local event such as Crawlers n Coffee and just and evening nighttime Crawling session with the fellas. I’m an easy going person so if you see me out there don’t hesitate to come say hi.





Jason Grant- Team Driver
S Tenino, WA

I’ve been in the hobby for 20+ years. I really enjoy building, bashing & crawling. I also compete in racing Losi LMT within the local PNWRC monster truck series. My 2 kids who are 6 & 10 enjoy the hobby as much as I do. After joining CowRC I found that I really enjoy the creating content aspect of the hobby. I’m hoping to become a major contributor to the Treal team as well.



Adam Hoelper- Team Driver
Stroudsburg, PA

Avid fisherman U.S. Coast Guard Veteran, husband and father of two I got back into RC in 2014 when my son Aidan fell in love with scale crawlers.  Since then I have been building rigs trying to stay as true as possible to the "built not bought" mantra. Most recently  by learning to design and 3d printing parts and accessories for my builds

Currently living in the Pocono Mountains of PA I am an active member of Eastern PA Radio Controlled Crawlers(EPARCC)
The Fix Enduro 2019, team class Cham pion
Recon G6 2019, Bluerocks U.T.C Cham pion

Looking forward to meeting all the tiny truck family out there.



Aidan Hoelper- Team Driver
Stroudsburg, PA

I'm 11 years old and live with my family in the Pocono Mountains.  I love everything crawling and try to spend as much time on the trail with my father as I can.  My favorite rig is my customs scx10 with a chopp ed d90 body called big red.  Look for me on the trail if you are broken down, my dad carries plenty of extra parts because I drive hard.

The Fix Enduro 2019 Team Cham pion
2019 Recon Bluerocks U.T.C. Cham pion
2019 Recon Dromadar 3rd
Motorama 2019 3rd in Rascals class
Motorama 2020 2nd in Rascals Class
2017 Recon G6 Driver of the Day
Winner Best Theme 2019 Recon concourse
The Fix Enduro 2020 3rd overall in the 3 hour class



Jay Johnson- Team Driver
Toms River, NJ

My name is Jason Johnston creator of J-Team RC’s. I’ve been into the Rc hobby Since a child but got back into it heavily in 2020 with the 1/24 scale micro crawlers which has also grown into 1/10 crawlers. I enjoy making custom builds and scale trail rigs as well. I love the quality and variety that treal hobby has to offer for multiple plate forms out there.





Broc LaRouche- Team Driver
Wildomar, CA

Been into RC for 30 years.  Have done everything from 1/8 scale nitro to Crawling.  Recently the scale crawling world has been my addic tion. If you see me at the event stop by and say hi.



Mike Ortelli- Team Driver
Joliet, IL

I have been in the rc hobby for 10 plus years now! Over the years I have gathered a awesome collection of rigs! I have got me meet some awesome people! And make some of my best friends! I love this hobby and wanna keep it going! The crawler rc hobby has been a life changing for me! And I'm honored to be part of the treal team! Call it another Achievement to add to my hobby! I have many crawlers, bashers, even semi and construction equipment! Everyone is very friendly in the hobby and always willing to help or lend a hand! And I love it all!!!





Jeff Ramos- Team Driver
Rohnert Park, CA

I have been in the hobby off and on since I was 11. The last nine years I have made it a large part of my life.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people. RC cars, crawling and flying drones gives me an opportunity to focus and enjoy being outside. I am an extremely proud parent to three amazing boys. Being a parent to a child on the spectrum teaches you so many things but the best of all is un conditional love, support and of course different is not less.
 Team driver Reefs RC, JJ’s Customs, Gens Ace, Carey-All RC, Treal Hobby. Cohost of The RC Hangout…



Glen Shelly- Team Driver
Quakertown, PA

My name is Glen Shelly a.k.a Dreamer. I’ve been in the rc hobby for about 20 years and I work at a small mom and pop hobby shop in a farmer’s market in Quakertown known as Race Place Hobbies. I love to buy,sell and trade rc cars and parts with friends and other people that I meet up with. My first rc buggy was a Tamiya fighter buggy rx and a traxxas street sport. When it all comes down to it, my favorite part of the hobby is helping friends out with what they need and the most relaxing part is the trail time spent with friends and family.